Decorative Arch, Resafa, Syria. Copyright, Daniel Schwartz. Documentation

Overview is a digital project for the study of Syriac literature, culture, and history. All publications and software created by are made available online in a free and open format using the Creative Commons licenses.

The web app features:

  • HTML Record view
  • Search
  • Browse
  • Facets
  • Maps
  • Timelines

  • [Projects using the code base](#Projects using the code base)
  • [Technical Requirements](#Technical Requirements)
  • [Deploy codebase] (#Deploy codebase)

Projects using the code base

Technical Requirements

Installing eXist-db

Mac OS

  • In the Terminal, type “brew cask install exist-db”



Deploy application

Clone or fork the git repository ( For more information on forking a repository see:

In your Github app cd into the srophe-app folder and just type “ant”. Build will be named according to the version number in the expath-pkg.xml file of the folder you’re in.

Build the srophe-app-data ( package the same way.

Install packages in eXist

  • Open eXist.
  • Navigate to the eXist dashboard
  • ex: http://localhost:8080/exist/apps/dashboard/index.html
  • Click on Package Manager.
  • Make sure the following libraries are installed before deploying the srophe-eXist-app (If not they can be installed vial the package manger, using the 'available libraries/repositories filter'):
    • eXist-db Shared apps: []
    • JSON Parser and Serializer for XQuery .1.6 + : []
    • Functx Library: []
    • Packages can be deployed via the eXistdb dashboard.
  • Click the blue-gray button in top-left corner to upload your app.
  • Upload the latest .xar package for both srophe-app-data and srophe-eXist-app repos. (In the “build” folder of each one.)
  • Install data app
  • Install srophe-eXist-app
  • Go to http://localhost:8080/exist/apps/srophe/index.html in your web browser. This is the homepage for the srophe app on your local computer.