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Press Releases and Reports is preparing several online reference works. Media releases and related reports are posted below.

    4/8/2014 Report on the Destruction of Syriac Cultural Heritage in the Contemporary Middle East
    As a result of ongoing civil war and political chaos, the Syriac and Aramaic-heritage communities of the Middle East are under extreme pressure. This report provides an introduction to both the terrible human cost of the current conflicts and to the ways in which Syriac and Aramaic physical and cultural heritage are gravely threatened. exists to address this challenge by preserving and recording the collective cultural heritage of Syriac heritage communities around the globe. This report can be downloaded here.
    4/8/2014 Press Release Announcing The Syriac Gazetteer to the General Scholarly Community is pleased to announce publication of The Syriac Gazetteer, a geographical dictionary for Syriac Studies. A press release with information for scholarly audiences and contributors interested in Syriac can be downloaded here.
    4/8/2014 Press Release Announcing The Syriac Gazetteer to the Digital Humanities Community has benefitted from technical input from scholars in fields not directly related to Syriac Studies. It is our hope that the digital model of the The Syriac Gazetteer will be likewise useful to other areas of the humanities. A press release briefly discussing the digital technology used in publishing The Syriac Gazetteer can be downloaded here.